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Autumn Gingham Cutsew - Lolita Collective

即納!オータムギンガムカットソー$ 45.00 USD

ピクニックスピリット 絵本ガールのオータムギンガムカットソーで晩夏気分を盛り上げましょう。丸みを帯びた可愛らしい衿に、ヒナギクを含む複数列のレーストリム!伸縮性のある素材を使用し、袖の透け感がTシャツ風カットソーです。 詳細 S:バスト 33"ウエスト30インチ袖丈11インチ 母:バスト 35"ウエスト33インチ袖丈11インチ ...

Product Title$ 99.00 USD

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Instant Shipping!! Pearlescent Pleated Headbow$ 18.00 USD

Sweet and pearly, this Pearlescent Pleated Headbow by Xiaogui Handmade makes for a wonderful head accessory! It comes in nine different colors and features a pearlescent ribbon ...

Instant Shipping! Soda Float Acrylic Charm$ 12.00 USD

A summer treat filled with memories & sugar.   The Soda Float Acrylic Charm measures 3 inches. It's double-sided rainbow holographic acrylic with a matching color key chain....

Instant Shipping! Soda Float Washi Tape$ 5.00 USD

Let's have our favorite drinks on the last day of summer.   The Soda Float Washi Tape is 15mm in width. It  features a cute repeating pattern of different soda float flavors and...

Instant Shipping! Soda Float Sticky Note$ 5.00 USD

A summer treat filled with memories & sugar.   The Soda Float Sticky Note is 3in x 3in and printed on high-quality Post-It® brand notes.   There may be slight visual differe...

Instant Shipping! Soda Float Glitter Sticker$ 6.00 USD

A summer treat filled with memories & sugar.   The Soda Float Sticker measures 4 x 2 inches. It's made of glossy glittery paper.   There may be slight visual differences and...