Amplify Black Voices

Amplify Black Voices - Lolita Collective

Support Black Creators. 

Now is the time to support Black owned businesses, Black bloggers, Black artists, Black designers directly. 

Lolita Collective has always stood to support independent Japanese street fashion inspired designers from around the world. Our mission has always included adding other faces into the conversation. We include Black creators in our brands as a collective. During this time, though, it is important that you support them directly.


Now is the time to support Black owned businesses, Black bloggers, Black artists, Black designers directly. Please click through to the designers individual web pages. 

Black Lolita Fashion Designers


Dresses and accessories influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic. We talk about mossbadger all the time here on LC. Her work is stunning, from her garments to accessories, all handmade by her (and now a seamstress who she oversees). Mossbadger also makes the accessory line Interspecies Friendship that we carry here in the LC shop. 

Mossbadger Instagram


A mixture of Otaku and Cute! Can't get much better than that. Designer Callie showcases her adorable prints on a variety of clothing items. Her accessories are super cute and solid, we love the Shrek earrings! We were lucky to have had so much fun with her at Tekko.


All size Lolita rejoice as Dollbe's handmade creations range in size! Her adorable patterns and custom sizing make her a staple. We love that she's one of the oldest current Lolita dress Etsy shops. 


Gothic lolita fans delight in Elegy's darkness. Handmade in Ohio, Elegy has created stunning looks for ouji and lolita alike. She currently is also making face masks in that lovely gothic style.

Elegy Instagram

Samantha Rei 

One of the original American Lolita designers, Samantha Rei has gone on to become so much more. She designs stunning fashion out of Minneapolis. Her super cute pin collections are available for purchase. 

Magical Girl Me

Super cute sweet accessories! This Lolita also has a wonderful blog and Youtube channel. We love her informative content. Her spoon necklaces are so adorable! 

PlusHiiKawaii (formerly Un-Re Designs)

Kawaii accessories with an edge. Love her handmade resin bangles! Hair clips galore. She even carries some super cute thigh-highs in plus size!

Now is the time to support Black owned businesses, Black bloggers, Black artists, Black designers.

Educate yourself. Don't expect anyone to explain to you. Don't listen only to how the news portrays Black people, or protestors.
Now is the time for You to consider what this situation means to You.
Empathize with your fellow human and learn about the struggles minorities have faced in this country for decades. Research the struggles they currently face in your community. Imagine yourself in their shoes. Take this time to reflect on how much different your life would be. 

Lolita Collective Instagram Stories

In this, we've also made a point of keeping our Instagram stories continuously updated with Black creators and influencers. It's easy for us to click a button, post a photo and for our fans to click through to the creators if they like what they see they can follow. But those stories are transient, so it's important to us to continue to promote Black creators even after the fad has passed. Our mission has always included promotion of Kawaii POC artists and designers. 

How We Are Helping In Our Community

Focusing on a local level, it is impossible to ignore how marginalized communities in Chicago are suffering from police brutality and wrongful incarceration. There are many organizations supporting an effort to help these people. We've chosen to focus our donations to the Chicago Bond Fund. Many lists on Instagram focus on Minneapolis or organizations on a national level, so we made our choice to focus on what is closest to us. 
Education and agency for young people in low-income communities in Chicago during this time is also important to us. We've made donations to the Chicago Freedom School to help fund their after school programs. 
I acknowledge that LC is lucky in this time to spare some cash to organizations to have needed donations before this time period and will continue to need donations long after this situation is no longer trendy. I hope that we can find a solution as a business to continue to support these organizations. 

Thanks for reading!