Upcoming Events


The following events have been confirmed for 2021. Please watch this space, and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our convention schedule, event photo and video, and other news!!

  • Dragon*Con (September 2-6) Atlanta, GA


Past Events

Lolita Collective has actively been attending anime conventions and lolita events since 2013.

Feel free to email us contact@lolitacollective.com if you want us to come to your local anime convention or lolita event! We will figure out if we will be able to attend as a vendor and get back to you as soon as possible.


Frill 2013


Anime Central 2014 (first official convention!)
RuffleCon 2014
Youmacon 2014


Katsucon 2015
Anime Matsuri 2015
C2E2 2015
Anime Central 2015
San Japan 2015
Waku Waku NYC 2015
Dragon Con 2015
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015
RuffleCon 2015
New York Comic Con 2015


Atlanta J-Fashion Weekend 2016
Katsucon 2016
C2E2 2016
Tekko 2016 ***GUEST
Anime Central 2016
Animazement 2016
A-Kon 2016 ***GUEST
Hellocon (Helsinki Lolita Convention) 2016
Paradiso 2016 
Anime Expo 2016
Anime Midwest 2016
MechaCon 2016
Bowlahoma 2016
Dragon*Con 2016
San Japan 2016
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016
New York Comic Con 2016
Rufflecon 2016
NekoCon 2016


feels like it was so long ago! documentation coming soon.


This was one of our biggest years ever - we've gotta go back and add some info!


Winded down this year, few less shows, documentation coming soon



During this insane year we participated in a few virtual events put on by friends!